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Alcohol hydroxy double-terminated long chain alkyl silicone oil MY8807

    Alcohol hydroxy double-terminated long chain alkyl silicone oil MY8807

    Product description:

    MY8807 is a double hydroxyl groups silicone oligomer. Similar activity with polyester glycol and polyether glycol. It can copolymerize with –NCO, mainly for synthesize modified silicone PU resin and emulsion. Greatly enhance resin anti-abrasion. It gives excellent touch feel, anti-sticking, anti-fouling and anti-graffiti.

    Typical Physical Properties:

    Parameter                                     Value

    Appearance:                Light yellow transparent liquid

    Viscosity25℃cps :                          450

    Solid content% :                         >98.0

    AMW                                            2000

    Hydroxyl content% :                       1.8


    1. Enhance resin or coating anti-abrasion.

    2. Excellent anti-sticking and anti-fouling.

    3. Excellent compatibility with resin.

    4. High reactivity with –NCO.

    5. Good touch feel.

    6. Low surface tension.

    7. Increase wettability, promote leveling and flow properties.

    Product Application:

    1. Similar activity with polyester glycol and polyether glycol. 2. Synthesize modified silicone PU resin and emulsion. 3. Dicomponent PU baking paint and amino baking paint.

    Similar items and functions

    FunctionItem                       8807           8817 H           8827 H

    Effective %                          99.9             99.9               99.9

    Hydroxyl %                          1.8               1.1                 1.4

    AMW                                  2000             3000              2500

    Viscosity cps                        450               650                250

    Compatibility                    ★★★★★         ★★★★          ★★★★

    Anti-abrasion                    ★★★★★         ★★★★          ★★★★

    Touch feel                          ★★★            ★★★★         ★★★★★

    Stable foam                        ★★★                ★                ★★

    Leveling                            ★★★★           ★★★★          ★★★★

    Anti-sticking                       ★★★             ★★★★         ★★★★★

    Reactivity                         ★★★★★         ★★★★          ★★★★

    Method of Application:

     For synthesis of PU resin and emulsion: 1, Add silicone intermediate with polyhydric alcohols monomer at the same time. 2, Copolymerize with MDI, TDI normally about in 85℃. 3, Copolymerize with IPDI, suggest about 110℃

    For Di-component PU or amino baking paint: disperse and add to resin

    Storage and Validity: Unopened stored at room temperature; the shelf-life of the product from the date of production for 24months.

    Limited Liability: This information is based on Mingyi's testing and is believed to be correct; it does not replace the assessments and tests that users need to make before using the product; Mingyi can only package the products for sale to meet established sales standards; Mingyi's Sole responsibility for the breach of the guarantee is to replace the equivalent product or to refund the purchase price; Mingyi expressly disclaims liability for incidental or incidental damages.

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